The Benefits of Liposomal Eye Sprays for Dry Eyes – Explanation Made Simple!

The Benefits of Liposomal Eye Sprays for Dry Eyes – Explanation Made Simple!

Liposomal sprays are designed to manage evaporative dry eye symptoms (EDE). EDE accounts for approximately 80% of dry eye cases with about 20% suffering from aqueous deficient dry eye. This means that in 80% of the dry eye sufferers, water drops will not work.

What are liposomal sprays?

Liposomal sprays, such as TearsAgain, contain soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier, which due to its make up, enables the water and oil layers of the eye to work together.

How do liposomal sprays work?

Dry eye can be caused by deficiency of the lipid layer of the tear film which normally acts as a seal for the watery aqueous layer, preventing it from evaporating.

TearsAgain delivers the spray to the eye, which helps to repair the lipid layer. The spray is applied to the closed eyelid from about 10cm away. The eyelids should be kept closed for 10 seconds after the spray so that the liposomes settle on the eyelids and reach the edge of the eyelid. After blinking the liposomes are distributed over the aqueous layer of the tear film, producing instant relief to dry eyes.

Aqueous Drops vs Liposomal Sprays

Unlike liposomal sprays, many aqueous artificial tear ocular lubricants (water eye drops), which are commonly used to treat dry eye symptoms, are not specifically designed to address the disrupted lipid layer in EDE. Water drops will temporarily bathe the eye producing symptomatic relief and require frequent application.

Liposomal sprays help stabilise the outer lipid layer to ease the irritation and discomfort of evaporative dry eye. They provide instant relief and last for up to four hours. This means they need to be applied less frequently than some dry eye products.

Liposomal sprays such as TearsAgain are also convenient, as they can be used by people who wear contact lenses, and because of the liposome formulation, they won’t smudge your makeup. They can be useful for people that have trouble putting eye drops in.

TearsAgain is the only liposomal spray available on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS).