TearsAgain Eye Spray instantly soothes and provides relief to dry, irritated eyes. Easy to use and gentle on sensitive eyes.

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TearsAgain Eye Spray

TearsAgain is specially formulated to gently hydrate, moisturise and refresh tired, dry eyes. Applied onto closed eyelids, TearsAgain eye spray creates lubrication between the eye and the lid. Suitable for use with contact lenses and eye makeup.

Soothing relief to dry eyes

TearsAgain Eye Spray restores and stabilises the natural tear film, reducing moisture evaporation. The eye spray applies liposome particles onto the closed eyelids that refresh and maintain the natural moisture in and around the eye.

Available on the PBS

Ideal for patients with severe dry eyes and sensitivity to eye drops.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) – codes 5545W and 9448G.

TearsAgain Eye Spray
TearsAgain Eye Spray TearsAgain Eye Spray TearsAgain Eye Spray TearsAgain Eye Spray

100 doses in just one bottle!


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I absolutely love this product! I use computers all day for a living, so I sometimes feel the discomfort of dry eyes, however TearsAgain gives me instant relief! I especially love it because it does not interfere with my contact lenses. I keep it on my desk to use whenever I need it.

– Harper

As a long-term wearer of contact lenses, who sits at a computer screen all day, my eyes get dry and irritated. I use TearsAgain every day and I find it really works. And it doesn’t smudge my mascara.

– Jane

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